2011 Chevy Tahoe

Command vehicle is equipped with medical and firefighter equipment for command officer.  Provides command officer with the ability to communicate with various agencies in the county and surrounding counties.  Also provides equipment to command officer to track personnel and manage large scale incidents.






2009 Pierce Contender

  Esopus Engine 1
  Call sign 27-13
-First due to structure fires and auto accidents
-Seats 5 firefighters plus driver
-1500 Gallon Tank
-1500 GPM Pump
-Onboard generator
Photo © 2009 Michael Martinelli




2013 Freightlinger/KME MS112

Esopus Tanker 1
Call sign 27-11

-Responds to all structure fire
-Seats 2 firefighters plus driver
-3000 Gallon Tank
-1275 GPM Pump
-Onboard generator
Photo © 2013 Leopold Kintner





2003 American La France/Becker

Esopus Engine 2
Call sign 27-10
Second Due to structure fires and responds to mutual aid request for an engine
-Seats 3 firefighters plus driver
-1000 gallon tank
-1500 GPM pump
-Onboard generator
-Portable hurst spreader
-4 wheel drive
Photo © 2009 Michael Martinelli


1997 Freightliner FL80/E-One

 Esopus Rescue 1
Call sign 27-12
Responds to all structure fires and auto accidents
-Seats 5 firefighters plus driver
-Rear walk in compartment/command center
-Onboard generator
-Dual pre-connect Jaws of Life Rescue tools
-Air bag lifting systems
-Cascade SCBA refill system
Photo © 2009 Michael Martinelli


1994 Ford F350/E-One

 Esopus Rescue 2 
Call sign 27-14
-Seats 2 firefighters plus driver
-Responds to EMS calls and brush fires
-EMS equipment
-Brush firefighter equipment
-4 wheel drive
-200 Gallon Tank
-250GPM Pump
Photo © 2009 Michael Martinelli